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Stelios & Nina

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Savor bouzouki sounds with Greek flair as well as international compositions!

We provide you with musical performances for exhibition openings, birthdays, weddings and other events

matched to your personal preferences. Through our passionate music art we take you on an international

melodic journey ... Music makes everything better!

Short Biography:
The musical duo Stelios & Nina was officially created in January 2012. From a very early age we have dreamed of singing and performing together. Nina used to hold a hairbrush as a microphone and Stelios a tennis racket as a stringed instrument pretending to be a guitar or a bouzouki. Later on, we began singing and playing music together at birthday parties and other celebrations.Now we are very happy that one of our childhood dreams has been realized.   

Stelios with more than 20 years of musical experience and stage presence has successfully undertaken music projects. Nina used to work as a secretary and she is now successfully involved in the tourism sector.

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The driving force comes from our father,  a passionate musician, to whom we owe a lot. With his help and support everything is easier. Our repertoire includes traditional to contemporary Greek and international music.We are looking forward to accompanying your events with the right tunes.
Music makes everything better! Kulturverbände - art of greek & international music Flensburg Kulturverbände - art of greek & international music Flensburg greekflensburg sky-studio bouzouki korg pa 800